Faculty and Staff Forms

The forms on this webpage are PDF files that you can read, fill in and print on your computer with Adobe Acrobat Reader. If your computer does not already have Adobe Acrobat Reader on it, you can download it for free: Get Adobe Reader

Additional forms and/or processes are located in GIMS.   

Concurrent Degree Program Form (pdf)

Use this form to admit a UF student already in another graduate program into your graduate program, so he/she can pursue both degrees at the same time.

Final Missing International Credentials Hold Petition (pdf)

‌Use this form to request a second, final lifting of a registration hold for a student with missing credentials from a non-US institution.

Nontraditional Doctoral/ Master's Degree Program Form (pdf)

‌Use this form to set up and approve a study program for a UF doctoral student who wants to earn a master's degree outside of his/her doctoral department at the same time.

Petition to the Graduate School (pdf)

Use this form to request an exception to standard graduate education policy with regard to admissions, enrollment, funding, graduation or other student-related issues. 

Traveling Scholar Form (pdf)

Use this form if you have a student who wants to participate in the UF Traveling Scholar Program as a UF graduate student attending an institution of higher learning elsewhere, either within the Florida State University System or outside of the Florida State University System - but within the United States.