Stacy Wallace

Associate Director, Graduate School, Editorial Office and Writing Studio

 352 392 1282

Stacy Wallace is an Associate Director at UF’s Graduate School.  In this position, she coordinates the efforts of the Graduate School's Editorial Office and Writing Studio.  Her office oversees the review of all UF graduate theses and dissertations before permanent archiving with the University Libraries. She is also responsible for the publication of the UF Graduate Catalog and for coordination of the meetings of the Graduate Curriculum Committee. Her duties include serving students, faculty, and staff with thesis, dissertation, and curriculum issues. Under her guidance, the Editorial Office ensures each Electronic Thesis and Dissertation meets all requirements for future archiving, preserving, and publishing by the University of Florida’s Libraries as well.

Ms. Wallace received her Bachelor of Arts degree, in 2000, from the University of Florida, majoring in English and women’s studies.  After initially beginning her editorial career, in 2001, at the University of Florida's Self-Insurance Program, she later decided to join the UF Graduate School Editorial Office in 2005, as an Editor, eventually moving into the lead position of the Editorial Office in 2008.  In that capacity, Stacy continues to serve as a Board Member of the United States Electronic Thesis and Dissertation Association (USETDA), as she has since 2011.  During her free time, she enjoys reading, gardening, and photography. She shares her love of music and art with her husband Doug and their son Ryder Kai.