Campus Visitation Program (CVP)

The UF Office of Graduate Diversity Initiatives (OGDI) encourages underrepresented minority students to pursue doctoral degrees at the University of Florida. As part of its recruitment efforts, OGDI sponsors a two-day Campus Visitation Program (CVP) to give prospective Ph.D. students the opportunity to engage with the UF community. Acceptance is based on academic merit and upon application review, student participation is by invitation only. This process facilitates recruitment of highly qualified and motivated students.

During the visitation, prospective doctoral students receive an overview of the University of Florida graduate programs, financial aid resources, and gain insight into the decision-making process involved in selecting a graduate school. Most importantly, participants will meet with faculty and staff from their prospective academic programs, as well as receive information from admissions, financial aid, and house. Additionally, students will interact with current graduate students and student organizations. This provides seniors, graduates and master’s students from underrepresented groups—African-American, Hispanic-American, Native-American and, Pacific Islander who are interested in pursuing a Ph.D. with an excellent opportunity to visit the UF campus and connect with their potential graduate program.

The University of Florida will provide lodging for two nights, most meals, and up to $500 in airfare or mileage. We will also reimburse the UF Graduate School Application fee if accepted into CVP. Please note: To qualify for airfare reimbursement, tickets must be purchased two weeks prior to the start of the event.

Applicants must complete an official UF graduate school application before applying to CVP. All CVP applications are reviewed by a committee and decisions will be made 4 weeks after the application deadline.

Application to the CVP program is a two-step process:

STEP ONE: Complete a UF Graduate School Application

Applicants must complete an official UF graduate application for the department they seek admission for Fall 2018. This includes paying the application fee.

STEP TWO: Complete the CVP application

CVP application requirements:

  1. UFID Number (Given after an official UF graduate application is submitted and paid in full)
  2. Transcripts (Unofficial transcripts will be accepted for this application)
  3. Test scores, if available
  4. Three Faculty members who you would interview with
  5. Proof of UF graduate application completion and proof of payment (attach as a picture or pdf)

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Do I need my GRE score at the time I submit my application?

 No, however, we recommend that you try to have the score to provide a better evaluation of your application.

2. Do I need my official transcripts?

Not for the OGDI-CVP application but you will need them for your office University of Florida Graduate application.

3. Do I need all 3 letters of recommendation? 

You will need all 3 letters of recommendation to complete your University of Florida graduate application. However, for the CVP application, we require at least 2 letters of recommendation.