Bradley Osburn

Academic Assistant, Professional Development and International Outreach

 352 392 7783

Bradley Osburn is the Academic Assistant for the Office of Graduate Professional Development and the Office of Graduate International Outreach. He is responsible for setting up the professional development workshops that the Division of Graduate Student Affairs decides on and supporting professional development initiatives such as Graduate Student Research Day and the Graduate Student Mentoring Award. He is also responsible for aiding international outreach initiatives, including putting together country profiles and international student lists. In addition, he helps with general graduate school projects like press releases, data analysis, event management, and graphic design for print materials and the website.

Bradley graduated in May 2013 with a Bachelor of Science degree in journalism from UF’s College of Journalism and Communications. In his free time, he loves to rock climb, read a book a week, play games (both video and board), and provide commentary to the films and television he watches.