Vision, Mission, Values and Goals


Excellence in all aspects of graduate education at the University of Florida


The UF Graduate School is committed to providing services to the campus community that maintain integrity and excellence in graduate education through clear and consistent policies, high standards, efficient procedures and direct student support. We seek to support and serve as a resource all graduate students, and to support faculty and staff by fostering relationships, increasing communications and collaborations, and delivering comprehensive research and data resources to inform graduate education. The Graduate School:

  • Provides opportunities through funding support, professional development activities, support for student groups, graduate student funding to enhance recruitment, further retention, and doctoral degree completion
  • Partners with academic units in providing underrepresented minority and international outreach and support in student recruiting 
  • Promotes efficiency and effectiveness in graduate education, so UF graduate students can achieve their educational and professional potential and make contributions to the university, the state, the nation and the world 


  • Excellence in graduate education
  • Recruitment and graduation of outstanding students
  • Ethical conduct in graduate studies and research
  • Diversity among students, faculty and staff
  • Communication and collaboration throughout the graduate community
  • Graduate student professional development     
  • Preservation of academic standards
  • Maintaining accurate data and records


  1. Enhance graduate education through innovative administrative processes while ensuring efficiency and effectiveness
  2. Provide funding opportunities and awards for graduate students and faculty
  3. Provide exemplary programs and services to prospective students, current students and faculty through the Dvision of Graduate Student Affairs