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The HBCU-UF Master’s to PhD Pathway Project is a collaborative project between participating historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs) and the University of Florida. The primary purpose is to identify top-performing students in master’s programs at the participating HBCUs. The program is designed to identify master’s students who demonstrate that they have the capacity to be strong PhD students as indicated by their creativity, intellectual curiosity, how they process information, and their academic performance.

The intent of the Pathway Project is to increase the number of underrepresented minority students enrolled in PhD programs and subsequently becoming PhD recipients by identifying and advancing those individuals who have the capacity to do well at the PhD level of graduate studies.

The HBCU-UF Master’s to PhD Pathway Project will involve PhD-degree-granting programs offered at UF where related master’s-only degree programs exist at the partnering institutions. This project is not meant to substitute for regular routes to PhD programs, but is an effort to supplement those initiatives by developing and producing PhD students from a pool that is not effectively tapped.

For more details, click on this link to read our PDF brochure: Pathway Project Brochure.

Interested? Click on this link to download our PDF information form: Pathway Project Application.




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