The application for a Kynes Scholarship or Research Award consists of the following information:

  1. The candidate’s application information.
  2. A copy of the Graduate School admission form or other documentation certifying that the candidate has been admitted to a University of Florida graduate program.
  3. A copy of the candidate’s I-94 Form (if the candidate is not a U.S. citizen).
  4. Three letters of recommendation. The candidate should share the links provided below to their references. References will download the appropriate recommendation form, provide the requested information, and send the completed copy to Note: students are not permitted to view completed recommendation forms. Stipulations for the recommendations are as follows:
    • A recommendation letter from the head coach of the sport(s) in which the candidate participated. 
    • A recommendation letter from someone who is familiar with the candidate's academic abilities and
      accomplishments, preferably a dean or professor. Note: This cannot be your Athletic Association Advisor. 
    • At least one other recommendation letter from a person who is familiar with the candidate's accomplishments, character, and integrity. Note: this individual cannot be a University Athletic Association employee. 
  5. An official transcript that reports all of the candidate's grades during his/her collegiate career, to be mailed to:
Allison Forrest
Hawkins Center
PO BOX 14485
Gainesville FL 32604

The application cycle for the 2021-2022 academic calendar year is now closed. Please check back for future terms.