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Graduate faculty members are key to accomplishing the Graduate School’s mission of educating graduate students and fostering research at the University of Florida. The information, resources and forms listed below are here to help you as graduate faculty carry out your vital role in that mission. They will supply you with what you need to know about UF policies and procedures to help students while making your own work go as smoothly and productively as possible. Thank you for your dedication and hard work, which do so much to make UF what it is.

UF Faculty Handbook

Graduate School Academic Calendar

Graduate Catalog

Graduate Information Management System (GIMS)

Use this convenient and easy-to-use automated tool to keep graduate student and graduate faculty records accurate and up-to-date online. Access to GIMS is limited to UF employees whose job responsibilities require direct access to graduate student and graduate faculty records. To request access, please fill out this form
form and send it to UF Graduate School Data Management via campus mail (POB 115500).

Graduate Curriculum

Find what you need to know about the process for creating new graduate courses and modifying existing ones.

Graduate Degree Programs

Find what you need to know about the process for creating new graduate degree programs, and modifying or ending existing ones.


Find out details about the graduation process for your students that includes the commencement ceremony and the degree award process.

Awards for Teaching Excellence

The UF Graduate School recognizes, rewards, and encourages teaching excellence at the faculty level and teaching assistant level respectively through
Doctoral Mentoring Awards
Graduate Teaching Assistant Awards

Excel: UF Graduate School Newsletter

Learn about the newsletter published by the Graduate School for, by and about UF Graduate Students.

Graduate Faculty Status

Becoming a Graduate Faculty Member
Roles and Responsibilities of Graduate Faculty




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