Organization for Graduate Student Advancement and Professional Development (OGAP)

The Organization for Graduate Student Advancement and Professional Development (OGAP) was born out of the Innovation through Institutional Integration (I-Cubed) grant and is focused on professional development, mentoring, prioritizing student interests and needs, and facilitating effective communication between graduate students, faculty advisors, and university administrators. To learn more, please visit OGAP's website.

OGAP's premiere event is Graduate Student Research Day (GSRD), an annual poster presentation event featuring research from graduate students in all disciplines. GSRD is unique in that it invites participants from all departments, thereby creating an exceptional professional development opportunity for UF students. Students are challenged to present their research to faculty and peers both from within and outside of their field of study. GSRD has also featured workshops in the past featuring preeminent hires and guest speakers.

For more information about OGAP programs and events, please click on these links:

Graduate Student Research Day

Graduate Student Mentoring Award

Three Minute Thesis (3MT)