Office of Graduate Minority Programs

The Office of Graduate Minority Programs (OGMP) is a function of the Graduate School dedicated to recruitment and retention of underrepresented minority graduate students. This includes increasing the number of UF graduate students who are ethnic/cultural minorities, underrepresented in their field of study, low-income or first-generation college students, as well as advancing and promoting professional development for all graduate students at the University of Florida. OGMP strives to provide currently enrolled graduate students with programs and services to assist and support the pursuit of a successful graduate education. The programs in OGMP are designed to help students acclimate and assimilate into the University of Florida’s Graduate School. It can provide students with social, informational, referral, and in some cases, financial support. OGMP maintains partnerships with administrative offices, academic units, research centers, student services, and organizations across campus to help students with the graduate experience.

Our mission is two-fold:

1. Increasing the number of graduate students from underrepresented ethnic or racial groups: African-American, Hispanic-Americans, Native Alaskan (Aleuts and Eskimos), Native American, and Native Pacific Islander.

2. Providing prospective and enrolled graduate students in underrepresented demographic groups with material aid and mentoring to help them successfully pursue a graduate school education.

OGMP Personnel  

Tyisha Hathorn, PhD - Director, Office of Graduate Minority Programs

Shenita Denson Program Specialist III

Erin D. Rice - Coordinator, Office of Graduate Minority Programs

Sarah McLemore - Executive Secretary

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