Tyisha Hathorn, PhD

Director, Graduate Diversity Initiatives

 352 392 6444

Tyisha Hathorn is the Director for the Office of Graduate Diversity Initiatives in the newly formed Division of Graduate Student Affairs within the Graduate School. Dr. Hathorn assists with the recruitment of underrepresented Ph.D. students, coordinating recruitment events, such as Campus Visitation, the Board of Education Summer Fellowship Program, and the UF Graduate School Information Day. She represents the National Science Foundation‐Bridges to the Doctorate Fellowship, the Florida Education Foundation‐McKnight Doctoral fellowship, the McNair Graduate Assistantship program, and the FAMU-feeder fellowship. Additionally, Dr. Hathorn manages a number of supplemental awards for research and conference travel, including the Supplemental Retention Award and doctoral research travel support.

Dr. Hathorn received her Ph.D. in Neuropharmacology and Neuroscience from Albany Medical College in Albany, NY and received a Master of Science in biology and a Bachelor of Science degree in biology from Jackson State University in Jackson, MS. She worked for UF as a postdoctoral research assistant for three years before coming to the Graduate School in 2014. Dr. Hathorn is married with two beautiful children, a boy and a girl, and two lovely dogs as well.