Board of Education (BOE) Summer Fellowship

What is BOE?

The Office of Graduate Diversity Initiatives selects a cohort of newly enrolled underrepresented Ph.D. students each summer to participate in the six-week BOE summer fellowship program. BOE is designed as an orientation to graduate education and promotes acclimation to the University of Florida. The BOE program also provides financial and academic support, including a stipend to assist with the transition to Gainesville and paid in-state tuition for up to 4-credit hours in students' respective department(s). 

Click here for this year’s BOE brochure: BOE 2022 Brochure

Eligibility Requirements

The Board of Education Summer Fellowship Program is open to newly enrolled students accepted into a UF doctoral program and meet at least one of the following requirements: 

  1. Ethnic or cultural minority 
  2. Low-income status
  3. First-generation college graduate 
  4. Underrepresented in their field of study

BOE 2022 Requirements and Expectations

Financial and Academic Support

The Board of Education (BOE)  Summer Fellowship Program will offer the following funding package for selected BOE Fellow. 

Funding Package:

Funding  Amount
Stipend  $1500
Transitional Housing  2-weeks
Health Insurance  6-weeks
Tutition  4 credit hours 

Student Requirements

Students that participate in the BOE program are required to:

  1. Attend BOE orientation (June 22-24)
  2. Complete non-academic courses that include professional development, graduate seminar, academic writing, and statistics.
  3. Attend weekly meetings with an assigned peer advisor. 
  4. Attend all related BOE events.

Application Deadline & BOE Program Dates

The BOE application portal is now closed. Application status updates will be provided via email. 

The Board of Education Summer Fellowship Program is a six-week program held during the Summer B term.  BOE 2022 will be held from June 22 - to August 5.

Application Process | APPLY HERE

BOE 2022 applications are now closed.

BOE Program Contact & Questions

If you have any questions about the BOE Fellowship, please contact Erin Rice, Assistant Director for the Office of Graduate Diversity Initiatives, at